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About Us 


We are Baby Boomers ourselves and although we have many years of experience assisting others with their technology problems we never forget the challenges faced by many Baby Boomers who find the rapidly changing world of technology baffling and overwhelming. 

Don't fear your devices.
We make tech easy and fun. 
Whether you have a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPod, Surface, SmartTV, video streaming device we can solve the problems that are frustrating you and keeping you from getting the most from these devices. Do you want to make your devices communicate with each other? Do you want to learn the inner workings that can make everything work in harmony and bring greater convenience to your life. Want to organize your photos and learn how to share them with family and friends? Want to get your new smart phone set up for hands-free use in your car. Want to get your Wi-Fi to reach another part of your house or backyard? We can do all that for you and much, much more. Call, email or contact us through this website to find out how we can help you become a "tech wizard" .
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