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A Sample of our Services


Below is a sampling of some of the things we can do in the convenience of your home. No job or task is too big or too small. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. DC Area: (301) 944-4614 or Baltimore area: 443 827-9785

Electronic Device Repair
  • Fix many problems with your computer, tablet, phone, printer, Wi-Fi, smart TV, iPods and other electronic devices. Expertise with Apple, Windows, and Android products.

  • One-on-one tutoring on using your computer, tablet, smart phone, smart TVs, and TV streaming services.

Equipment Installation and Set-Up
  • Set-up new computers, tablets, phones, Wi-Fi, printers, smart TVs, DVD players, etc. 

  • Install, set–up and repair Wi-Fi networks, Wi-Fi range extenders, and wired and wireless printers.

Software Installation
  • Installation of word processing, spreadsheets, virus protection, and most other programs. Tutoring is also available on how to use many of these programs. 

Cloud Accounts
  • Set-up “cloud” accounts so your information is backed-up and safe and available across all your devices.

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