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What our Clients Have to Say

"As a federal retiree living alone with no tech savvy friends nearby, I feared I'd never be able to update my old home electronics. Then in the midst of my despair I learned about Gary and his tech service for seniors. I connected with him and we arranged to meet. Since that first meeting Gary has advised and helped me select a new MacBook Pro, an HP wireless printer, a Sony HD TV, and all the necessary connection equipment. He helped me set up and connect everything in my home, then installed several software programs that I really like, and soon will help me with eBay selling. Connecting with Gary has been an amazing, lucky, and very pleasant experience for me."

— Mary W.

"Techmedic has helped me set up several computers and peripherals in my home. They always take the time to make sure I understand what they are doing with both patience and courtesy. I consider it money well spent as everytrhing works great and they are willing to answer any follow-up questions I have without additional fees. Great service and I recommend them highly."

-Joel B.

"I want to thank you for the time you spent with me two weeks ago. I have made the change to my email setting, and my emails are now staying in full length even when I reply to messages. I also have uploaded openoffice onto my computer and can now print documents from Word. Now, I just need to upgrade to Windows 10."

-Jeanette J.

"I am not tech savvy, so I really appreciate how TechMedic4U not only fixes my computer but teaches me how to avoid problems in the future."

-Deborah B.

"Just wanted to thank you for your help last week. I enjoyed being around a professional who also arrives when he says he will, doesn't rush you, and is very easy to understand not only instructions but ideas and changes. Any problems in the future will be directed to you for help."

-Lois S

"Gary was helpful and gave me some good tips on how to deal with some computer issues. My original 'error' never manifested itself but we solved a few other problems that I was having (Windows 10 vs. Windows 7 for example).  He was pleasant, arrived on time, and offered to help in the future (via phone or e mail)  if needed. I would definitely contact him for future computer problems or if I needed help setting up a new PC, etc. His rates are reasonable and he was very professional. "


Trudie C.  

We've tried several services and Techmedic4u, by far, is the BEST!

-Richard E.

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